Attack caused by exercise

At 12/17/2018 the neurologist wanted to see me at it’s worst.
After 24 years of dealing with attacks I know exactly when to expect the attack coming.

Normally and before the previous visits to the neurologist I take potassium because it keeps the attacks longer away. I rest before I step into my car so the attack is less severe. And I use a wheelchair to get from my car to the doctor. This way I am able to have a normal conversation with the doctor.

This time I didn’t rest and didn’t take any potassium and didn’t use the wheelchair. And see the result in the video.
When I stepped out of my car after the 50 minutes drive I felt a little stiff. During the walk from my car to the elevator in the car park the attack sets in.
In the hallway I sit down for a moment rest, resting always makes the attack worse. Once in the waiting room I have to sit for 20 minutes to wait for the doctor and that made the attack complete. Unfortunately that’s not on the video above because my wife needs to help me at this point.
She helped me into the wheelchair and did all the talking for me.
This attack was one of the heaviest attacks I ever experienced. I was not able to move my feet and legs, couldn’t sit upright, couldn’t hold my head up and I was not totally aware of the surroundings and couldn’t talk.

The neurologist didn’t know what to do, helped my wife to put my shirt and coat on and send us home. My wife lay me down in the car and drove home.
It toke 3 hours before I was able to walk slowly again and 4 days before I felt relatively normal again.

If you are a neurologist and you recognize the situation as in the video and you have an idea where to look for please let me know!!

Jaap Rumping