An attack on video


This video is recorded early in the morning.
After getting breakfast ready for my kids I am to late for my own breakfast. I have all the work done and sit down to eat. First my face and legs are getting stiff and it is very hard to move. Than I am getting weak/paralyzed  and my wife helps me back in bed.
To get rid of the attack I take every 15 minutes 20 mmol potassium during the next hour a total of 80 mmol and sometimes ibuprofen 600mg. Unfortunately it take 1 to 2 hours before I can sit upright again and  3 to 4 hours before I can walk again.

We changed that situation successfully by eating breakfast before I get up. OK I can go to the toilet but after that I have to go in bed again. Than I eat my breakfast and 20mmol potassium and stay for 15 to 20 minutes in bed. Since we changed that I hardly have any attacks in the morning…