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I am Jaap Rumping born (1963) in the Netherlands and living as an expat in Germany. Almost my whole life I am suffering from lets say an uncooperative body. In the early years there was not so much wrong other than every now and than no feelings in my legs when I went to bed. Later at the age of 18 things got a little worse, always tired but there was during that time a lot going on and I got used to it so it was my every day normal situation.

Later at the age of about 29 doing heavy physical labor my legs got paralyzed  after resting on the side of the street.  It didn’t toke very long but they stayed weak for several hours and life went on.  That was a very strange feeling and situation and I remember it as it was yesterday.
At the age of 31 I’ve been brought to the hospital as a terminal patient with acute Ulcerative Colitis. After weeks taking tons of medication  it was clear I needed an operation and woke up with and Ileostomy on my belly and totally stiff. I could hardly move and during the recovery we noticed I couldn’t move  my both feet upwards anymore. This was caused by pressure points on the outer sides of my knees.

My whole body was stiff and I learned to walk again with a walker and nobody could tell me what was wrong with me. It had certainly nothing to do with my ostomy or feet, there was something else going on…

I call it PRPPD what stands for:
Potassium Related Periodic Parkinson Disease

That’s what this website is about, more coming soon!
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